Post-Millennials – Changes in Music Consumption & Community

August 1, 2013

Editorial that appeared on Music Think Tank (MTT) In 2012, we at Gracie Management created a model to predict high music consumption among Millennials and what drives music consumption, which led to great conversation. Since then, we have conducted new research and analysis, this time among the next generation – The Pluralist Generation (Plurals). The… read more »

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After Millennials – The Plurals

August 14, 2012

The Plurals, sometimes called Generation Z, should not be confused with the Millennials. The Millennial Generation is all grown up now, with the remainder having just reached adulthood. They’ve begun their post-secondary school lives, but right behind them are the Digital Natives. Who are the Plurals, you may ask? Plurals are those born roughly after… read more »

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