My Top 10 Latin Songs of 2012

Top 10 Latin Songs of 2012.

2012 proved to be an above exceptional year for music overall. One could argue even more so for Latin artists, who continue to fight the restrictions put on them by mainstream society regarding what it means to be a Latin artist – combatting history and lethargy by some critics to release some of the most cutting-edge music, whether it be from a sonic, lyrical, or music theory perspective.

The pack was led by Chile’s Alex Andwanter, whose “Rebeldes” album, while released in 2011, saw its second single “¿Cómo Puedes Vivir Contigo?” in 2012. Along with his Chilean counterpart Ana Tijoux,  they set the tone by challenging political and social conventions within Chile and the broader Latin America. Spain is also well represented with a long continuum of what guitar music can be, from the more mainstream sounds of Second to the gorgeous dirtiness of Odio Paris.  We also see Mexican-American Miguel, who released one of the best albums in 2012 with the genre-bending “Kaleidoscope Dream,” represented by R&B gem “Adorn.”

Enjoy our Top 10 Latin Songs of 2012, and make sure to click on the links to see the videos, which in some cases are just as compelling as the songs themselves.


Alex Andwanter – ¿Cómo Puedes Vivir Contigo? (Chile)


Ana Tijoux – Shock (Chile)


3Ball MTY – Intentálo (Mexico)


Odio Paris – Cuando Nadie Pone Un Disco (Spain)


John Tablot – Destiny (Spain)


Hello Seashore – Para Mi (Mexico)


Second – Demasiado Soñadores (Spain)


Miguel – Adorn (English) (USA)


Mujeres – Salvaje (Spain)


The Pinker Tones – Life in Stereo (Spain)

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