Measuring Climate Change

Innovations in measuring climate change.

In his inauguration speech, President Obama devoted more time to climate change than most expected—from both social and economic points-of-view. Even though virtually all of the world’s scientific organizations having reached scientific consensus on this issue, there are still some who have asked for more evidence.

Below you will find some interesting new techniques and metrics being used to measure climate change. Something we all should remember is that no matter what you are trying to change, there are almost always new methods to go about doing it.




Sometimes the best metric is a visual one.
The documentary “Chasing Ice” uses time-lapse cameras to show the impact of climate change.

Big (tree) data.
Measuring the circumference of trees to determine how much carbon they can store.

Good seed makes a good metric.
Measuring variables via drainage structure to determine the impact of climate change on crops in Minnesota.

For the love of hockey & climate change!
Measuring the impact of climate change thanks to hockey rinks.–backyard-rink-hosers-aid-climate-change-research