Afropop: More Than a Notion.

With prominent Afropop and Afropop-influenced groups releasing albums in 2013, such as the USA’s Vampire Weekend, it is time to reflect on the influence the great continent has had on music and culture worldwide. Although forgotten by many music and cultural critics, those paying close attention to trends over the past decades can see very vivid and important contributions African musicians have had on the West. If you are a trend spotter, or want to be one, it will behoove you to pay attention to Afropop and its myriad of subgenres.

As I think more people should say – So goes Africa, so goes many global trends!

Below you will find some articles that explore Afropop’s influence within Africa, but also outside the continent, in places including Mexico—the country with largest Hispanic population in the world, and one in which its African roots are not discussed too often in daily conversation, but can be felt today in its contemporary music such as 3Ball MTY, winner of Best New Artist at the 2012 Latin Grammys.

Chasson Gracie

La Bamba: The Afro-Mexican Story.
Learn more about Mexico’s African roots and influence on Mexican music.
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Vampire Weekend.

Indie rockers who in 2007 introduced a new mass of Americans to Afropop and African culture. A write-up pre the release of their first album – for posterity!
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Afropop Makes Its Way Down Under.
Jinja Safari demonstrates that Afropop’s reach is not limited to just the Americas and Europe.
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From Afro-Funk to Hip Life: Ghana Reinvented through Music.
Kickstarter campaign to create a documentary on Ghana’s impact on African music.
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Watch Mexican Sensation 3Ball MTY – “Iténtalo” Video – And Feel the African Influence!
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