Gracie Management is a music marketing firm that helps musicians, record labels and other music-related businesses create smarter campaigns, promotions and platforms. Gracie Management does this by utilizing data, whether it be data that already exist, or via the creation of research or another data gathering technique. Gracie Management then performs exploratory data analysis to find the story and ensures to separate “the signal from the noise” in the process. The company then creates statistical models/algorithms to be able to understand what influences decisions and to predict behavior.

The company brings science to a field that has long survived just on gut decisions, which in many cases have damaged careers.

Gracie Management is lead by Chasson Gracie, a 11-time award winning marketer. He has received much praise for his work within the music/entertainment field, as well as outside of it.


Chasson Gracie has won many awards for his marketing strategy and research initiatives, including:

Ogilvy Award Gold Winner, Multicultural
Ogilvy Award Gold Winner, Research Achievement Award
Ogilvy Award Finalist, Grand Ogilvy
Effies Award Finalist (Category Winner)
Media Week Winner, Best Multicultural Campaign
Media Week Winner, Best Branded Content
Summit International Awards, Winner of Five (5) Marketing Effectiveness Awards, including Best of Category



“Chasson is one of a very rare breed of person who totally understands the business issues but who is also an expert in properly interrogating data to help to drive decisions. His independent perspective on data we’d be using internally for years helped us to see things differently and drove a number of new and important insights for us. Thanks!”

— David Boyle, EVP Insight, BBC Worldwide

“It has been a pleasure to work with Chasson on the highly successful 2010 Census campaign and various new business solicitations. He demonstrates a unique ability to bridge the insight and creativity needed in a strategic planner with the discipline and grounding of a seasoned marketing researcher. I would not hesitate to recommend Chasson. I feel, based on his professional and personal qualities, he would be an asset to the profession in any endeavor he chooses to undertake.”

—Darlene Billia, SVP, Group Planning Director, FCB

“Chasson Gracie is a very passionate marketer and he has the ability to listen, to understand and to convert information into results and plans. He is a perfect team player and a consultant we don’t want to miss. There was no warm-up time with him and besides his great marketing skills, he’s just such a nice guy! We enjoy the collaboration with him every day and it’s amazing to have someone working with you, who has such big enthusiasm for what you are doing.”

—Christian Huerter, Lead Singer/Pianist/Guitarist, Scene Writers

“Chasson’s an excellent Strategic Planner. We worked extensively on the 2010 Census project, a once per decade survey counting every resident of the U.S. His contribution was immeasurable in educating the entire marketing team in strategic and tactical planning on how best to motivate a diverse and highly segmented population. Chasson research provided attitudinal insights for audiences traditionally ignored by mass communication, such a Black, Hispanic, and Asian communities. These insights were leveraged by multiple agencies charged with creating an integrated communications campaign. His work experience extends to consumer package goods, healthcare, and travel. I highly recommend Chasson; he’s a fantastic addition to any project, account, or organization.”

—Joseph Panzarella, Executive Director, Strategy & Analytics at Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners